Odin_by_yigitkoroglu.jpgFavored weapon: Shortspear
Domains: Knowledge, Magic, Repose, Runes, Travel
Subdomains: Ancestors, Language, Memory, Souls, Thought, Trade
Druidic Domains: Wolf, Bear, and Raven
Inquisitions: Anger, Conversion, Fate, Heresy, Valor
Mysteries: Ancestors, Battle, Bones, Lore
Witch Patron: Deception, Enchantment
Alternate Channeling: Ale/Wine, Battle/Fury, Bravery/Valor, Contracts/Oaths, death, Destruction, Fate, Knowledge, Magic, Secrets, Sovereignty, Strength, Weapons
Clergy: clerics, oracles, inquisitors, druids (only shamans), wizards, sorcerers, magi, bards, barbarians, fighters

Description: Odin is King of the gods of both the Aesir and Vanir. With his brothers Ve and Vili, he created the universe from the body of the primeval giant, Ymir. His hall is Valhalla and is located inside Asgard.

He is married to Frigga, who is also married to his brothers Ve and Vili. Odin has also been known to take mistresses and father children by them. Neither he nor Frigga seems to mind the other extramarital affairs.

Odin constantly seeks magical power and knowledge. He is missing an eye, having sacrificed it to at the Well of Knowledge to gain wisdom. He also raised his intelligence by drinking the Mead of Poetry after tricking some dwarves out of it. Despite it being regarded as feminine, Odin learned witchcraft, or seidr, from Freya.

Odin is one one of the most personable of of the gods. On Yuletide, Odin rides a sleigh attached to Sleipnir and distributes toys and treats to all the good children who leave oats out for his steed. He likes to travel disguised as an old man with a grey cloak and pointy wide-brimmed hat, helping people and seeking knowledge.

Odin’s darker nature surfaces when rebuffed or frustrated. He lusted after Rind, The Goddess of Ice, who flatly rejected him. He used seidr magic to disguise himself and rape Rindr. He was tried by the other gods and sentenced to hang himself from a tree for 100 years. During that time, Uller took the throne in Asgard. When his sentenced completed, Odin was allowed to return to the seat in Valhalla.


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